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Exterior Painting Contractor Services in Parker, CO

At Colorado Quality Painting, we know that the exterior of your Parker property can be just as important as the interior. When the exterior of your Parker property is beginning to look ragged, it can hurt its curb appeal. Our expert painting contractors have the experience and knowledge to take your property from scruffy to serene and create the atmosphere you want for your building without paying for expensive and extensive renovations.

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Parker Property: Exterior Painting Prep

Before we begin any exterior painting, your Parker painting contractor will clean the exterior of your building. Using a power washer, we will spray all the dirt away to create a clean base. Then we will remove any loose, old paint, including lead paint, as we are EPA certified to handle it. Once this cleaning has been completed, we will move on to the next step as your exterior painting contractor.

Minor Repairs Made by Your Painting Contractor

As we begin working on the exterior of your Parker property, we will inspect everything. The trim for the door and windows, and other areas that may be damaged, and as your painting company we will inform you if it is damaged. We will also fill in any cracks we encounter and sand it down so that we can create an even surface for the paint application. This can also help prevent future problems with warping or mildew.

Your Exterior Painting Contractor: Primer and Paint

Once all of the preparation steps are complete, we can place down a primer on the surface of your Parker property. The final step we take as your painting contractor is to add the color of your choice to the exterior of your Parker property. With this new paint, your property will have a renewed look and be exactly as you want it to be. Don’t let your Parker property stay in a ragged state, let us help you make it as beautiful as it should be.

Contact Colorado Quality Painting Today!

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial painting services, Colorado Quality Painting has you covered. We approach each project with efficiency and skill, and our five-year paint warranty guarantees we’ll take every measure to ensure your investment lasts. Even better, our “no money down” policy means that we don’t get paid until you’re 100 percent satisfied with the completed project. From free estimates to color consultations, you’re sure to receive the comprehensive painting services you’ve been looking for when you partner with our team. Reach out Colorado Quality Painting today to receive the first-rate paint job your property deserves.

Colorado Quality Painting is a multi service painting company for the Metro Denver area. Our team of professional painters are specially trained for a variety of projects.


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