Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to update a room. Whether you want to brighten up a dim bathroom, add warmth to a dining area or transform a space into a tranquil retreat, Colorado Quality Painting takes on projects large and small. We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners in the greater Denver area improve interiors since 2004.

Just a few ways we can update your interior:

  • Repaint a single room
  • Create a new color pallet for an entire home
  • Incorporate brand identity into a business space
  • Create faux finishes
  • Design and hand paint murals for a focus wall or an entire room

Quality + Efficiency

We don’t skip steps. Our thorough process is designed to produce beautiful, long lasting results and our team will treat you, your space and your belongings with the upmost care and respect. But we don’t let this slow us down. Our team works efficiently and will complete the job with minimal disruption to your daily life or business operations.

Our Interior Painting Process:

  • Protect the site by carefully arranging furniture and laying tarps and plastic sheets
  • Prepare surfaces by sanding rough spots
  • Repair cracks with fiberglass tape, drywall compound, caulking or putty
  • Seal any oil or water stains to prevent them from bleeding through new paint
  • Tape off moldings, windows and other surfaces that are not to be painted
  • Apply a coat of primer to ensure a clean finish
  • Expertly apply the desired color of our high quality, low VOC paint

Free Color Consult

When it comes to interiors, the options for colors, patterns and finishes abound! Many of our clients rely on our free color consult to make their final selections. Once you book with us, just bring your ideas to the table and we will use our years of experience and eye for design to help you create the perfect color scheme for your home or business.